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We are a service provider to give House Raising Services in best conceivable route to our respected customers. The service providers are exceptionally financially savvy and efficient. We utilize most recent innovation and equipment for, protected, break free and harm free house raising. These likewise help develop basement in the house. We have earned a decent name in the business for world class Services provided by us.

Advantages of House Raising Services

  • By House Raising you can dispose of the water obstructing strain amid downpours without constructing a house
  • House Raising saves your time and currency, as well as an advanced thought as oppose to demolition and constructs a new house
  • House Raising is the most ideal approach to expand the level up to your home without demolishing it.
  • You can lift the level of your home upper than the road level without creating breaks & harms in your house.

We Shri ram Building Service Pvt.Ltd, sited at Haryana (India), charmed in giving amazing House Raising Services according to the exact necessities of our significant customers. Offered services are generally refreshing among our clients for its timely execution, expert approach and hassle-free management. All the development, quality instruments, apparatus and spearheading technologies are utilized while performing the house raising service. Aside from this, our Services are offered without bringing about any break to the structure. The procedure of House Raising permits a property proprietor to modify their home, adjust the home’s height, or change the home aside. This guarantees better property waste and stylish and in addition, taking into consideration any kind of fundamental removal. The final result is another establishment, which increases the value of the home and assets, and gives a remarkable change to the living space.

We have taken the time to assemble an Information Pack on the most proficient method to begin with your home raising project.

People elevate a house for a selection of reasons, these consist of:
  • To give more liveable space for family
  • Car space
  • A room to care for the aged on the ground floor
  • Student housing
  • Recovering their panoramic views
  • Flood relief


We are the renowned service provider rendering speedy and reliable House Raising Service. Broadly recognized for adaptable service approach and advance risk management process, our presented service lift the level of house without adding to any breaks and concealed harms in them. Keeping in mind the end goal to give this service in complete adherence to the business characterized standards, we use modern tools and experimental innovation.

Since FEMA proceeds to make modifications to the ABFE maps in discovering what is known as a flood zone, an increasing number of folks in NJ are becoming proactive in raising their houses. House increasing not only protects your house from potential all-natural disasters and episodes of flood — it can help you to save money in your flood insurance premiums in addition to add value to your property.

The gap in insurance premiums from 1 zone to another might be tens of thousands of dollars in case you do not address your home raising requirements in NJ. House increasing in NJ will negate these increasing prices and will make your house more sought after should you decide to sell it.

To start, contact us now . One of our home raising consultants will be delighted to cover the procedure, in addition to flood-related regulations, the modifications to FEMA’s flood maps, give opportunities and some other questions that you may have associated with NJ home increasing. We can then execute an evaluation of your house so as to make a proposal that meets your unique needs.

We’re a Registered Home Elevation Contractor at NJ… This implies for your homeowner:

The individual responsible for doing your home increasing in NJ must possess at least 5 decades of expertise within the area of dwelling elevation. These new requirements will restrict the amount of organizations permitted to execute NJ house increasing, leading to less houses being placed in harm’s way.

Helical piers are basically giant screws which are pushed into the floor. They’re constructed to move the rest of the home through shaky soil to better satisfied, stronger dirt, deeper into the floor. If the helical pier is pushed into the floor, the helix brings itself down the shaft, creates its way through the unusable ground, and travels deep into the good dirt beneath. This permits us to perform NJ home raising along the coast where the soil will typically look unsuitable for anchoring a huge construction.

Throughout the setup procedure, the builder exhibits indicators which give feedback associated with the torque needed for proper installation and thickness. Using calculations which were performed before the setup, the contractor may determine if the ideal thickness was attained, ensuring that a stable foundation for the NJ House increasing project was achieved.

What does House Raising at NJ Price?

Because of the character of home raising in NJ, it’s hard to provide a precise cost without assessing your unique needs.

The minimum elevation required from the city in a”V” zone, versus a”AE” zone might be quite substantial concerning the total amount of work demanded, and price.

One more factor to think about is your existing kind of base. In case your home now sits on a slab foundation, the home raising process becomes considerably harder, because there aren’t any floor joists into your property. Just an expert NJ home altitude contractor may properly evaluate your personal situation and make appropriate recommendations to fulfill your requirements and budget. Contact us now so we can assess your situation and make suggestions associated with a NJ house raising job.


House raising (house lifting, house jacking, animal dwellingplace jacking, building jacking) is the way toward isolating a structure from its establishment and incidentally raising it with water driven screw jacks. The procedure is the initial phase in structure migration wherein the structure is moved to an alternate area. House raising may likewise be a piece of a redesign to manufacture an establishment under a current house or make a house bigger by structure another floor level making a two story house.

Frequently utilized in zones that are inclined to flooding and tempest harm, this procedure can be accomplished using either timber heaps or helical heaps. When a house is raised and bolstered on cribbing, another establishment can be developed underneath it. After Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy expansive quantities of houses in parts of Louisiana, New York and New Jersey were raised to maintain a strategic distance from future flooding.

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